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South Australian Seed Marketers (SASM) specialise in Export & Production of locally grown small seeds including Lucerne (Alfalfa), Haifa White, Subterraneum & Annual Clovers, and Vetch.


Season 2023 is currently sitting on a knife’s edge. Most of the country is dry and “El Nino” has been declared. Josh and I have just finished a driving road trip from Queensland through New South Wales to Canberra and was staggered at the lack of forage available for livestock. Conditions have been very dry through arguably the largest pasture grazing area in the country. Our region, is sitting on strong stored ground moisture but will need rainfall to finish any of the dryland seed crops. Irrigators will be turned on to guarantee supply by professional growers but there will certainly be pressure from seed growers to keep seed pricing strong. We are low on most levels of seed with the exception of ryegrass and some varieties of sub clover.

Regards Jamie Tidy & Joshua Rasheed
Managing Directors
South Australian Seed Marketers

Alfalfa (Lucerne) (Medicago sativa)

Strong export and domestic sales have allowed us to have the shelves bare for all varieties other than some Dormancy 5 and 6 uncertified seed. Next harvest is some 6 months away so we would expect to sell this remaining seed prior to harvest on the break of the season in Autumn 2024.

Sub Clovers 

We have some carry over stock in the shed and are on track for a good harvest from all irrigation sites. Dryland production looks unlikely at this early stage, which would account for approx 30% of the area planted to Sub Clover. If dryland does fail carry-over seed will become very valuable? Seed production issues directly related to harvesting crops are ongoing with 40 year old machines being rebuilt annually by the dedicated growers. There has been some research done to look at new harvesting techniques however this is unlikely to happen in the near future. Prices to remain firm.

Annual Clovers

Most of the production is from dryland areas so we still need finishing rains. Balansa being slightly earlier should have enough moisture in the canopy and soil profile to get a crop. Persian clover crops will need to be cut for silage and will need strong finishing rains to get decent yields. Arrowleaf crops are at the biggest risk to dry conditions and will also need finishing rains.

Perennial White/Red Clover

We have had some establishment problems this season due to wet conditions and high slug/pest populations. With the warmer weather we are finally seeing some growth and hopefully some strong yields when harvest commences in the new year. I have never seen such low production levels in my 20 years in the industry. With weakness in the livestock industry domestically we should see some more irrigates sites used for seed production in the years ahead


We have carryover of Cavalier Medic (Medicago Polymorpha) and a strong production base for the years ahead. Snail Medic (Medicago Scutellata) we have small carryover and a small area in for production. Other medic varieties will be in very short supply as we struggle to get a reliable and viable production base.

Seed production opportunities

We are actively chasing any seed production opportunities for the following varieties

  • Persian Clover
  • White Clover
  • Red Clover
  • Alfalfa (Lucerne)
  • Annual Clovers, Balansa, Arrowleaf, Crimson

Our professional seed production team are available to secure area and have seed for re-export.  Australia has some very professional seed growers with reliable irrigation where we can guarantee supply.


Crops produced in the region include:

Brassica Species

Carrot Seed

Contact us to find out about current crops.


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